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The Purchase Plus Card
A New Way to Shop at the Husqvarna Embroidery Shop Online!
With the Purchase Plus Card, owners of any brand of embroidery machine can use the Purchase Plus Card to purchase designs in HUS format, then convert them using conversion software. Begin taking advantage of the thousands of embroidery designs available in the Husqvarna Embroidery library.

Here's how. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3
You need a Purchase Plus Card. Get one FREE from your nearest Husqvarna Viking Dealer. If they don't have them, use Purchase Plus Card serial number #62001517 Go to the Husqvarna Embroidery Shop Online. Type in your Purchase Plus Card serial number and follow the directions on the screen

About the Husqvarna Embroidery Shop On-Line:

  • All you need for shopping is the Purchase Plus Card serial number .

  • Works with all newer browsers including Netscape and Internet Explorer 4.X versions

  • Additional product lines You can also order the monthly Embroidery Club project

  • "Quick Order " box for a list of design numbers simply type in the list of design numbers and click "Add to Cart"

  • Easy-to-understand error messages

  • Email confirmation of purchase

    1-3 designs: $10 each
    4-9 designs: $7 each
    10-19 designs: $5 each
    20 or more designs: $4 each (Your Best Value!)